Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Medicare :: ObamaTax

One of the major problems with government-run healthcare schemes (such as, say, Medicare or the ObamaTax) is that the bureauweenies running them have so little accountability or motivation to ensure that things run fairly and effectively.

Last week, for example, almost 100 people were arrested and charged in one of the biggest Medicare fraud cases to date. Attorney General Steadman and HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious were quick to pounce on this major bust as a turning point. But it's the culture of the system itself which encourages - nay, facilitates - these kinds of crimes.

And it's not just erstwhile providers on the line:

"More than a quarter-million Medicare beneficiaries are potential victims of identity theft and hampered in getting health care benefits because the government won't issue new IDs"

Medicare officials' excuse will surprise exactly no one who's been paying attention: "it's too expensive and too many agencies are involved to reissue" the cards and numbers. So all those "potential victims" are outta luck. Sure, they can call Medicare's equivalent of 9-1-1, but instead of a dispatcher sending a squad car, Ms Kathy will send a "so sorry" letter (at best). This is the perfect illustration of why government-run health care provides neither health nor care.

And it's this system writ large which is responsible for implementing much of the ObamaTax. Which means that it's not just those poor 284,000 medicare beneficiaries at risk, but you, too.

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