Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reason and IB

FoIB Holly R tips us to a terrific item at the Reason online site. It's a major fisking of a New York Times diatribe that tries (unsuccessfully) to argue that the ObamaTax is long overdue, and in fact could have saved lives. Well, one life in particular:

"Kristof tells the story of a college pal ... who has Stage 4 prostate cancer and would have been better off ... had [the ObamaTax] been around a decade or so sooner."

As Reason's Ed Gillespie notes, however, Kristof's story is "equal parts wilfully stupid decisions on the part of [his friend] and ... health care costs being driven up by precisely the sort of regulations and bureaucracy that [the ObamaTax] will put on a heavy dose of steroids."

Along the way, he touches on themes quite familiar to InsureBlog readers: personal responsibility (or lack thereof), the fact that the ObamaTax is already leading to a shortage of providers, and the loss of personal freedom (ie choice).

It's a great take-down - read the whole thing.

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