Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What happens when you rely on government

When you rely on government your counting on someone without a vested concern for your health and well being to do what is right. Actually looking out for you or doing what is right is not what is in their best interest, people believing that is what they are doing while turning over large sums of tax money and power is. This sad story out of Norway ties a lot of recent events together.


 "The police response [to the island attack] was slowed down by a series of blunders, including flaws in communication systems and the breakdown of an overloaded boat carrying a police anti-terror unit. Meanwhile, Norway's only police helicopter was left unused, its crew on vacation. Breivik's shooting spree lasted for more than one hour before he surrendered to police."

The Local says that "two local police officers who arrived first on the lakeshore should have done everything possible to get to the island, according to police instructions in the event of a shooting. Instead they remained on shore, saying they couldn't find a boat to take them to the island."

When an elite police force finally arrived, its members had to borrow two pleasure boats to go a short distance from shore to the island.

Like politicians always do they hold hearings and promise nothing like this will ever happen again, then spend a bunch more money. When it comes to our health and safety we often don't get a second chance. If you survive your left to suffer the damages as long as you live. Veterans that suffered for decades under poor VA care don't get those years back. Kids raised on third world public housing projects don't get their youths back. Future generations of tax payors don't get back the trillions lost to fraud.

One thing that does endure is the wealth these politicians and their friends swim in until they die then pass on to their family. As part of tax reform maybe we should consider a 100% death tax on any politician that served more then 4 years with no exclusions.  

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