Wednesday, January 2, 2013

EHR and the MVNHS©

Electronic Health Record-keeping is an integral part of the ObamaTax and, as we noted last week, these records aren't necessarily safe from prying eyes. So how are we to know how safe our newly-digitized medical records will be once they're on-line in a national database?

Well, we can look to Britain's Much Vaunted National Health System© for a peek at our own future:

"More than one in three [Brits] have had their medical details uploaded onto a central database accessible by healthcare professionals across the country, many without their knowledge ... the majority of those patients whose records have been uploaded will not be aware and said there are dangers the information could be hacked, bought by private companies or matched to other publicly available details on individuals."

Of course, that last part is pure hype, right?

Maybe, but this kind of thing isn't exactly reassuring:

"[E]mployees, who work for NHS Lothian ... had the temerity to assume that their own medical records were their own business. Or at the very least, that they had as much right to read them as some other government employees did."

But why would they believe that? They've already ceded their health care to their fellow government bureauweenies, why would their medical records be sacrosanct?

When the government is in charge of your healthcare, they mean it:

"There is a fair warning system on the computers but people don’t always read it and they don’t actually realize they're not allowed to look at their own records"

Seems pretty clear to me.

And this is the (very near) future of our health care "system" under the ObamaTax.

[Hat Tip for NHS Lothian story: FoIB Fred W]

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