Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday Afternoon LinkFest

■ First up, from the D'Uh! Department:

"Human resource firms say many businesses will hire more part-time workers, trim hours of full-time staff or hold off on hiring because of the new health care law."

This isn't news so much as confirmation of something we've been saying for quite some time. But it's nice to see that someone in the MSM is paying attention.

Next up, the clock continues to tick for HHS Secretary Shecantbeserious:

"Today is the day [Ms Shecantbeserious] tells states whether their plans for health insurance exchanges pass muster."

Inasmuch as she's as clueless as the 58 state departments of insurance, this should be fun.

And finally, speaking of Ms Shecantbeserious and her minions (aka the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS), we're now officially in the rolling out stages of new ObamaTax rules and regs (and, of course, major tax increases). The list is extensive, but here's a sample:

"Single risk pool. Issuers are required to establish a single risk pool in each state where they offer coverage for each of their non-grandfathered individual (one pool) and small group markets (separate pool)."

As we've already seen, these sound great in theory, but in practice....

[Hat Tip for first two items: FoIB Holly R; and UHC for the CMS info]

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